Facial Feminization Aftercare: Our Four Tier Approach

What happens in the days following facial feminization surgery is of vital importance for speeding healing time, improving recovery and ensuring the best possible patient experience.

To provide our FFS surgery patients with the highest level of care, FACIALTEAM has developed a four-pronged approach to post-operative care or aftercare following facial gender confirmation surgery:

  1. Dedicated night nurse service
  2. Hilotherapy in first 24
  3. Acupuncture therapy
  4. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy

Night nurse service during FFS aftercare

Our highly qualified (and very friendly) professional nursing assistants, Fran and Bibi, will accompany each FFS patient during your first two nights of hospitalization. Not only does this mean your every need will be promptly attended to, but the peace of mind from knowing that you are in good hands reduces stress and thus improves healing.  Surely your loved ones back home will appreciate this too!

Even if you just need a sympathetic ear, our team is happy to listen and offer comfort during this often emotional time. And of course, your privacy is respected at all times.

Hilotherapy after facial feminization

During the first 24-hours the nurse will ensure that you have the cooling mask (hilotherapy) correctly placed and is there to help you remove it when you need to get up or take a break.  The German-designed facial masks by HiloTherm are made with the softest, most flexible silicone for patient comfort, maintaining the facial tissues at a constant optimal temperature to minimize swelling and bruising, but permit normal lymphatic system function.

The use of the HiloTherm cooling masks in our experience has made a huge difference in patient comfort during the postoperative recuperation as well as reduced the incidence of minor complications such as bruising.

Acupuncture therapy after FFS surgery

The ancient Eastern medicine technique of acupuncture has been approved by the World Health Organization to aid in recovery after surgery. Many years of scientific research have demonstrated that acupuncture therapy can help:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve sleep quality

On a physiological level, this is because the very fine, almost painless acupuncture needles stimulate the autonomic nervous system. This triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and also helps regulate blood and lymph circulation.

Metaphysically, it is said that acupuncture therapy helps balance the flow of energy through the different meridians of the body, which may be blocked after surgery and manifest in the form of physical symptoms like swelling, inflammation, and stress.

The therapy is a very relaxing experience, and many of our facial feminization patients have reported that it contributed positively to an overall feeling of well-being, which in turn is beneficial for recovery after facial gender confirmation surgery.

Lymphatic drainage in facial feminization aftercare

The fourth tier of our FFS surgery aftercare services is manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a very gentle form of massage designed to stimulate the flow of lymph through the body. MLD therapy is often prescribed for patients in Europe after surgery because it has been shown to strengthen the immune system, reduce swelling, improve healing and cause less visible scarring. Plus, it feels great and contributes to the peaceful, relaxing recovery environment that we strive to provide for our patients. Our certified lymphatic drainage therapist, Antonio, will use his fingertips to gently stimulate the skin above lymph nodes and vessels, encouraging the flow of white blood cells and other healing agents towards the surgery areas while also allowing toxins and waste in the lymph fluid to be removed by the kidneys and eliminated from the body.

Our commitment to patient care after facial gender confirmation surgery

Stress, a negative for the immune system,  is a given under these circumstances and even more so with the transitioning patient due to the significance this step in the process has in their life.   In addition, unfortunately, previous negative experiences with surgery augment the level of stress for some.   FACIALTEAM´s aftercare protocol aims to eliminate the stress factor so you may recuperate as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

Managed by our trained psychologist who will keep in touch for 12 months after your surgery, these four pillars of facial feminization aftercare show our full commitment to all our patients.  By  combining these different elements into our FFS surgery aftercare process, we hope to make the entire facial feminization procedure, from initial consultation through recovery, a positive and peaceful experience.


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