Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After

Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After Photos

The photos in this gallery have not been digitally modified to alter the facial surgery results.  Although the comparative pictures before and after FFS surgery are intended to be in the most similar conditions possible, this is not the case when the pictures are provided by third parties.  For this reason, some of the postoperative images show the FFS patient with makeup and others are simply to give a social impression of the patient in their current lives.



The gold standard in Facial Feminization Surgery should be natural results obtained using hidden approaches, protocolized surgical techniques and standardized postoperative management. The key to achieving a highly satisfactory result in facial feminization usually begins with meticulous planning prior to surgery and the correct choice of each technique, so that it best meets the patient’s needs. Planning the treatment is based on a detailed clinical evaluation, diagnostic imaging (X-rays, computerized axial tomography (CT) scans and cephalometric), anthropometric measurements, photographs, artist studies and the evaluation of the patient.

Facial Feminization and patients of ethnic origin

The best FFS surgeons have experience working with a wide range of ethnicities, treating patients from all the continents.  If you are interested in the results of a particular ethnicity and do not see them on the website, request to see them in a consultation.

After Facial Feminization Surgery:  FFS Recuperation and returning back to normal

FFS for most patients is not remembered due to the pain suffered, but for discomfort related to swelling.  The first 3 – 5 days are the hardest, mostly in part due to the effects of general anesthesia, but when minor issues arise (bruising, edema, bleeding) the pain is normally promptly well-controlled with medications.

Many suffer anxiety associated with the hope and excitement for a change in facial gender identity, which isn´t immediately evident until 6 – 12 months have passed.  A temporary depressive period, in varying degrees, is commonly experienced in the first weeks after facial gender confirmation, often compared to grieving, since the process of facial feminization is typically closely entwined with being able to fully embrace their feminine self, resulting in the need to mourn the persona lived beforehand.    In more severe cases, like with postpartum depression, therapy may be required to help the FFS patient through the transitional process.

Most people who have undergone facial gender confirmation surgery are eager to get back to their work and lives, which is possible as early as 3 weeks, depending on the type of work and the health of the individual of course.  Patients report to still have very low energy levels before this, needing plenty of rest.  At about 6 weeks this should disappear and after 8 weeks, the average, healthy patient may return to low-impact exercise regimes to ease back in to their preferred lifestyle.  A balanced, varied diet plus avoiding excesses of tobacco, alcohols etc. are recommended to ensure a speedy recovery without incidence.

Expectations and Objectives of Facial Feminization Surgery

First and foremost, the fundamental guideline is to always ensure the safety and well-being of the patient during all phases of the FFS process.  Secondly, before any facial feminization surgery, it is very important to fully understand what the needs and goals of the patient are, i.e. what is the motivation that leads a patient to undergo this procedure, etc.  In addition, it is a priority to orient the expectations of the patient, who must understand that the best philosophical approach in facial feminization surgery is one which seeks to obtain the most naturally female version of the face through the least invasive treatment possible, while maintaining their intrinsic facial identity (i.e. the core identity which is not linked to gender and that makes each face unique). An adequate patient orientation with the best facial feminization surgeon will better prepare the FFS patient for the postoperative period and ready the patient for the future results.  The management of expectations is a task in which both the leading FFS surgeon and the patient herself must participate together in order to obtain a higher level of satisfaction with the facial feminization surgery results.